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Image Traction┬« TeamPage is the heart of Traction® Software's product family. TeamPage makes it easy to communicate, work together, find what you need, and stay on top of what's happening in your business. TeamPage integrates action tracking, Twitter-style status, threaded discussion, collaboration, social networking, and deep search. TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company's intranet and your line of business systems. See TeamPage examples.

TeamPage is great product for collaborative work by people in businesses of every size and industry because TeamPage focuses on the basics: how to help people get work done using technology that's simple to understand, pleasant to use, saves times, reduces frustration, and opens the door to discovery and innovation. The Feb 2011 Deloitte report Social Software for Business Performance - The missing link in social software, Measurable Business Improvements includes a case study TeamPage customer Alcoa Fasteners documented a 61% reduction in time required for compliance activities - over a full year - and many memorable quotes.

But TeamPage is far from the only place where work gets done. TeamPage includes built-in WebDAV support for Web folders and files connected to collaboration Space and pages, as well as built in support for email in, email out and notification using email or Jabber messages.

ImageTeamPage goes beyond other collaboration platforms by including built-in support for Action Tracking, optional Attivio analysis and search for all collaborative and file content in TeamPage, and new Social Enterprise Web and Attivio Plus options that connect TeamPage collaboration and action tracking with work created and stored in file servers, Sharepoint, Documentum, SQL Databases and the Web.

SeeThe Work Graph Model: TeamPage style to understand how TeamPage connects people and their work.

As Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group writes in his Oct 7, 2011 Traction Software Vendor Review

ImageTraction allows for the creation of employee, customer, and/or partner facing communities. While search is a powerful component of Traction is but one of many. Traction is a full-feature emergent collaboration platform which allows for group creation, status updates, document management, and anything else you can expect to find in an emergent collaboration vendor.

Key differentiating factors from competition
  • Search functionality, Traction is the only vendor I have seen with such a deep search capability. In fact, search is what binds all of the content and information that is passed through and is placed on Traction. This deep search extends beyond what is just found on Traction and it searches all back-end systems for relevant information. Permissions can be set to limit who sees what type of results.
  • Deeply integrated action tracking and coordination, the system lets you comment, tag, task, and link within work space boundaries or across boundaries. This means that if I am in the marketing department reviewing a marketing plan which references product specifications needed from a product developer, that I can literally create a task within the document (at the specific and relevant point) and assign it to someone in another work group, for example someone in the product team. Most vendors have spaces that allow you to create advanced lists which are visualized as tasks or calendars, but these are siloed and not truly integrated. Traction solves that problem by being able to cross workspace boundaries.
  • Pricing, small and medium size businesses are basically getting a package with enterprise search capabilities at an affordable price.

Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group
Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: Traction Software Oct 7, 2011

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