Keep your team updated with daily journals

With TeamPage, you can post, subscribe, deliver daily reports by using a special form and/or the automatic digest email.

By Auto-delivery Digest Emails

Posted articles, tasks, schedules, comments etc. are regularly summarized in one mail and automatically distributed to stakeholders. No need to write a daily report.

By Posting What You Did Everyday

Otherwise, write a daily report via the special web form for daily journaling. You can use templates, too.

Share and Participation

Check the progress of work in a daily report that arrives everyday. Post next actions and improve the quality of communication.

Automated Daily Journal

Example: Everyday Digest

A daily report that summarizes the events and results of the day helps promote communication and share information. However, when summarizing what happend into a daily report, sometimes important information gets lost.

TeamPage has an automatic daily report creation function called digest. Articles, tasks, schedules, comments etc are regularly summarized in one mail and delivered to stakeholders. There is no need to write "daily report".

External email communications can also be made into a daily report. Just CC to TeamPage.

The digest includes task lists and weekly calendars, which are also suitable for checking alerts and appointments.

You can change the digest delivery date and time, so you can use it as a morning / afternoon report or a weekly report.

Although there are many systems of groupware and internal blogs, they generally require us to post something as additional work.

TeamPage features cooperation with emails, and the burden input by the user is minimal and high effect can be obtained.

An impression of sales manager of an environmental business company

Manual Daily Journal

Some people want to value the creation of the daily report at the end of the day. In the daily report, there is a meaning to recognize the achievement of the day, reflect on actions and make a chance to think about improvement.

For those people, we recommend The Daily Journal plug-in, which provides a customized Web form for daily journaling.

You can attach images and document files, comments as well as next actions such as tasks and schedules, tagging to categorize.

In addition, since the daily report that was contributed is automatically gathered in the digest and delivered to stakeholders via e-mail, it can be expected to stimulate information sharing and communication.

Example: Daily Journal Article

Next Actions

Fine-grained communications

Daily report is a place to share information and communicate. You can do more than just reading. Do the next actions.

  • Comment on everything such as supplement, progress, correction etc. to articles and paragraphs.
  • You can register the next action as a task or schedule (schedule) in an article or paragraph.
  • You can attach files to comments, tasks, and appointments, as well as comments, task registration, schedule registration, etc.
  • You can also post private comments and tasks.

Paragraph comments and paragraph tasks are powerful. You can make appropriate questions and supplements in appropriate places in the talk stream.

These communications are also automatically put into a digest with a filter by read permission.

Use Outsite

Easy access with smartphone or tablet even on the go. You can use mobile skins and iOS apps.

Since you can post by e-mail, on-site reporting is also easy. It also supports automatic tagging. If you report with photos or videos, daily reports are automatically created and shared.

You can share information in real time inside and outside the company so you can send advice in good timing. Comments from the internal can be read immediately.

Example: Bootstrap3 Skin


To manage and organize daily reports, section functions and section table functions are useful. The daily reports can be classified under the following conditions.

  • Tags
  • Search keywords
  • Authors and/or assignees
  • Related projects and/or milestones
  • Start and/or due dates
  • Others...

Collected articles are displayed in real time in list format or spreadsheet format, and you can see the latest situation at a glance.

Example: Section Table

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