Management of outsourced temporary staffing services for the construction industry

A solution that supports a series of complicated tasks for the construction industry, such as managing human resources, making arrangements for workers, issuing invoices to contractors, and paying wages to workers, so that they can be processed smoothly and speedily.

Staff Arrangement

Matching business and staff is easy. Just drag and drop.

A work is registered as an timecard sheet, and you can manage the billing amount, payment amount, transportation cost, income tax, insurance premium, and leaving information in detail.

Invoices and Paysheets

Bundle daily timecard sheets to issue invoices and paysheets.

Invoices and paysheets are registered as one of your &qout;Tasks&qout;, and you can manage the status of whether the task has been completed or not.

Overview sales and gross profit

Sales and gross profit for the entire company and each sales office are displayed in a list, allowing you to quickly check business performance.

Companies and Workers

Contractor Companies

Register the contractor's name, representative name, basic work rate, unit price for overtime work, location, telephone number, etc. as master data.


Worker information such as name, office, job title, date of birth, basic daily wage, overtime rate, phone number, address, and emergency contact information as master data.

The registered data can be exported in Excel format. By using macros and templates, you can create a list of workers, including the Japanese Zenken Uniform Form No. 5.

Table of Workers


Assign a worker with a job

It's easy to assign workers to work.

After making a tentative reservation for the available workers and jobs, drag and drop any worker onto the job on the right. An edit form will appear and the assignment will be made.

Once the assignment is complete, the attendance sheet will be displayed as a list at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to quickly check who is working at which site.



Compile timecards that have not yet been invoiced to the constructor company and create an invoice.


Create a paysheet form based on the timecards that have not yet been paid to the worker.

Gross Profit Report

Displays detailed data on sales, payments, gross profit, etc. for the entire company and each sales office.

Invoice Print Preview
Gross Profit Report

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