TeamPage Release 4.2: Traction Software Adds Mobile Subscription, Notification and Email Collaboration to its Award Winning Enterprise 2.0 Social Software

ImageEnterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, CA —November 2, 2009 Traction® TeamPage 4.2 developed in collaboration with Traction’s road warrior customersTraction® Software, the leading developer of enterprise 2.0 social software for secure, scalable collaboration, today announced release of Traction TeamPage 4.2 of Traction’s award-winning TeamPage™ enterprise 2.0 social software platform. The software now includes flexible mobile subscription and notification allowing road warriors to easily post content and comments with simple, secure two-way e-mail based collaboration. As the first release using an updated Traction platform architecture, Traction TeamPage 4.2 combines wiki, blog, social tagging, discussion and social networking capabilities in a secure, scalable collaboration platform.

“With Traction customers in consulting and professional services as well as the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, high tech and government industries, we often see people using BlackBerry and other mobile email devices as much or more than their desktop or laptop Web browsers,” said Traction’s CEO Greg Lloyd. “We defined and developed these capabilities by collaborating with TeamPage customers in professional service firms who love their BlackBerry email as much as they love TeamPage in their browser. These new subscription features bring Enterprise 2.0 collaboration to the road warrior, making it easy to get a clean and simple summary including automatically generated context.”

Easily subscribe to people, pages, projects, edits or discussions

TeamPage 4.2 customers can click a subscribe button next to any article, personal profile or project space header to select email or Jabber notifications on new content, edits or conversations. A simple popup form gives a fine degree of control over the articles, projects, people, tags, files, and folders you want to watch, with a consolidated watch list shown in each person’s profile. Individuals can set a preference to automatically get regular updates to comments on or changes to articles they post, as well as to threads they comment on.

Use your BlackBerry or other phones to collaborate by email

TeamPage 4.2 makes it simple to reply to a Traction discussion, comment, article or paragraph. Using built-in logic for common email clients including Outlook, BlackBerry and iPhone Mail, TeamPage automatically recognizes and cleans up notification information resulting in simple and readable email notification and reply, making life easier for email lovers as well as those who like to edit and comment using TeamPage’s Web interface for smart phone, laptop or desktop browsers. TeamPage 4.2 also has extensible transform rules that can be tuned to recognize and clean up specialized boilerplate from internal or external sources. It’s also simple to send an email as a new post or comment directed to any selected project space, article or comment thread using the subject line or an email alias.

Pricing and Availability

Traction TeamPage Release 4.2 is available today for all new customers and as a free upgrade for TeamPage customers who subscribe to Traction’s software maintenance plan. See Traction pricing.

TeamPage Release 4.2 – A new foundation

TeamPage's internal architecture was thoroughly overhauled in Release 4.2, paving the way for many new capabilities announced and demonstrated in a Developer Release at E2.0 San Francisco - including Attivio Premium Search, the TeamPage Oracle RDB back-end option, and Traction’s new Google Web Toolkit (GWT) based Proteus user interface all running on the new Release 4.2 baseline.

Traction TeamPage is the only product that gives you the freedom to use the simple search, linking, naming, navigation and editing model you expect in Web 2.0 for collaborative editing while also making it easy to view, click through and search the latest stable version of all pages for authoritative reference. TeamPage goes far beyond the file and document based content management model to deliver collaboration that works for everything that's important in an Enterprise 2.0 world.

About Traction Software

Traction Software provides business and government organizations with enterprise social software that enables groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Traction Software's easy to use TeamPage™ software creates a secure communications hub for business information and working communications that collects, organizes, links and shares sources of information in context over time. Global 1000 and government customers use TeamPage to collaboratively create and share valuable information such as market research, competitive intelligence, corporate and customer communications, product plans, and business development resources. Traction has received numerous awards including “Best Enterprise Wiki by InfoWorld, one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and a winner of the RedHerring100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at

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