About TeamPage Licenses

Software updates, support and maintenance

Subscription licenses pricing includes software updates, support and maintenance for the term of the subscription.

Perpetual licenses include software updates, support and maintenance for the first year at no additional cost. After the first year you can purchase annual updates, support and maintenance for 20% of the purchase price of the permanent license you are using - including the price of all options.

Software updates includes the right to download and use new major and minor releases or patches.

Software support is provided on a self-serve basis using Traction's corporate TeamPage server. Services include a personal login account and access to customer forum, knowledge base, product documentation and software downloads. Support for paid customers includes one business day incident response provided by phone, email, and customer projects on Traction Software's TeamPage server.

What's a TeamPage Space ?

A Traction TeamPage Space is a work space that has its own set of tags to help organize content, and access rules which determine who can see, post, edit, comment and moderate content in that space. Each Space is a container for blog posts, wiki pages, status updates, comments, action tracking task, projects and milestones with its own community and rules. The same TeamPage server can support many Spaces, each with its own Dashboard and views that automatically roll up news and activity across all Spaces that you have permission to read. This makes it easy for TeamPage to support collaboration patterns where boundaries between Spaces automatically become transparent for navigation, search and tagging - if you have permission to cross them - but become secure barriers where privacy is important, see the Borders, Places and Spaces.

What's a TeamPage Named Account ?

Traction TeamPage servers are licensed for specific number of Named Accounts. Users with a Named Account can login, author and edit under their own name, and can be assigned different permissions in different Spaces as individuals or members of a group. They can also set e-mail digest, time zone, language and other personal preferences. Each Named Account has its own Profile page with optional photo, contact information and personalized content. Named Account login names, email addresses and login passwords can be managed by your TeamPage server or dynamically looked up using external LDAP or Active Directory servers.

What's a Visitor?

Any Space on a Traction TeamPage server can also be set to allow "Visitors" to read, post, comment or subscribe to public RSS/Atom feeds without logging to the TeamPage server. All Visitors share the same set of access permissions and can optionally identify themselves by voluntarily typing their name along with any post or comment. Visitors do not have their own Profile pages, can't subscribe to email digests or use IM notification, and don't have the ability to set personal preferences. This means that - depending on your use case and permission requirements - you can reserve Named Accounts for primary contributors or individuals with specific role based permissions, and let all others in your Enterprise - or the public Web - use Visitor permissions to read, post or comment in one or more Project spaces that you choose to open to Visitors.

Free Traction TeamPage License

You can download, install and use a free copy of TeamPage on your own hardware or hosted service for personal or business use. See About Traction TeamPage Free Licenses

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