19 Feb 2008 | Greg Lloyd on "Enterprise 2.0 for Intelligence Analysts", FASTForward 08

Image Greg Lloyd spoke at FASTForward '08 Orlando in the Implementing Content-Based Collaborative Applications session on 19 Feb 2008. Abstract: It’s easy to store and find documents in folders if you know the structure by heart. FAST even makes it easy to search the content of your files, Web pages, and messages and navigate by content. What’s difficult to capture, search, and navigate is the context that makes content relevant for collaboration in a link-poor environment that exists in the typical enterprise. Enterprise 2.0 technology – specifically blogs, wikis, and social tagging – provide immediate value for collaborative work by creating an evolving record that connects external intelligence, internal dialog, and work product. This record can make enterprise search work and scale like the Web. Part 1 (Greg Lloyd, Traction Software) of this session examines how intelligence analysts in business and government are using Enterprise 2.0 tools to help manage this deep, broad, and challenging form of collaboration. Click here for a copy of the slides 7MB .ppt

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