Aug 2014 | Providence Business News - Social tools being adapted for Web-based QC tool

ImageWriting in the 8 Aug 2014 Providence Business News, Staff Writer Patrick Anderson interviewed Traction® Software VP of Sales Jordan Frank and Thomas Cogdell, DTA quality manager for Houston-based firm The Athens Group. The oil-rig consulting firm purchased Traction® TeamPage to support its push for ISO 9001 certified rig inspection, verification and technology assurance services. Anderson quotes Cogdell: “The reason we chose it is because it is Web based with a good security audit and trail feature,” said Thomas Cogdell, DTA quality manager for Athens Group. “Every change to every document is tracked and reported on, and nothing gets lost. It gives us the flexibility to encourage employees to add to the knowledge base freely and the quality control we need.” » Read the full story


Athens Group - Traction® TeamPage for Quality Management, Training and Knowledge Base

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